Research & Advisory Services

We conduct quantitative and qualitative research to deliver customer-centric insights. Our comprehensive, database-driven desk research service, enables you to outsource your research needs to us on any subject of your choice.  Our pre-existing database of information on the financial sector means that we hit the ground running and don’t have to reinvent the wheel when engaged to undertake research assignments. The database puts us in an unassailable position when it comes to delivering timely research solutions. In addition to sharpening our primary research capability, this unmatched database enables us to meet the secondary needs of other researchers. Here are some of the major research projects we have successfully undertaken:

EU - funded Research Project on Trade In Services - 2010

Lead an EU-funded research project titled “An assessment of the liberalization of trade in services envisaged under the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) and an analysis of stakeholder expectations on the impact /outcome of the liberalization.” Commissioned by the Trade Capacity Building Project (TCBP), this study opened many doors to regulatory/industry bodies offices in Zimbabwe. [2010]

USAID-funded Multi-stakeholder Agricultural Financing Programme- 2011

Landed a one-year contract under the multi-year USAID-funded programme called the Zimbabwe Agricultural Competitiveness Programme (Zim-ACP) and worked to conceptualize and host the Agricultural Finance Symposium (AFS) in Harare and the Livestock Stakeholder Symposium (LSS) in Bulawayo leading to the formation of the Livestock Stakeholder Task Force (LSTF) and the Agricultural Finance Working Group (AFWG) respectively. [2011]

ZIMBISA-funded Microfinance Sector Regulatory Review - 2016

 Carried out a Microfinance Sector Regulatory Review which was commissioned by the Zimbabwe Association of Microfinance Institutions (ZAMFI) and funded by ZIMBISA, a project of Adam Smith International. ZAMFI used the occasion of their 3rd Annual Microfinance Sector Winter School which took place in Kariba during the period 18-20 May 2017 under the theme “Traversing the microfinance landscape”, to launch the regulatory review report.] [2016]

World Bank-funded Microfinance Sector Diagnostic Review - 2016

Was part of a team that carried out the Zimbabwe Microfinance Sector Diagnostic Review under the auspices of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) and Word Bank Group (WBG) initiative. [2016]

Macroeconomic Analysis: Introduction of Bond Notes - 2016

Carried out a Macroeconomic Analysis of The Introduction of Bond Notes which was commissioned by a local Microfinance Institution owned by an International Financial Services Group. [2016]

Advisory on Regulatory Approval Application: February - April 2017

Successfully advised an American technology company seeking regulatory approval to partner a local commercial bank on a project to facilitate remittances into Zimbabwe leveraging on blockchain-based technology.

EduFinance Market Research Project: August 2017 - January 2018

Served as Market Research Analyst on an EduFinance Market Research and Rollout project on behalf of Opportunity International in partnership with a local deposit-taking microfinance bank. The project was managed by Enclude, an advisory firm dedicated to building more inclusive local economies, which formerly did business as ShoreBank International and Triodos Facet.