Here are some of the publications we are proudly associated with.

Tinkering With Decimal Places: Socio-political Perspectives of the Financial Sector in Zimbabwe, Dictus Publishing, Germany. December 2013 [Click to read Summary/Synopsis]

The articles selected for this book were originally written for a newspaper column over a three-year period from July 2010 to July 2013. Covering a diverse range of financial sector issues appearing here in their original chronological order, the book preserves a contextual narrative closely in sync with the Zeitgeist of the Zimbabwean financial sector over the three-year period. Far from being a glorified collection of articles that once appeared in a newspaper column, this is a compact collection of pieces carefully selected on account of their common thread of a sociopolitical narrative in the financial sector. With feet firmly planted in Zimbabwe and eyes that survey the world, the book’s international credentials are never in doubt. It underlines the tension that characterises the eternal interplay between business and politics while illustrating how the former can be held hostage by the latter. Under such circumstances, full economic potential may never be fulfilled, especially when nagging political questions remain unresolved, as is often the case. Instead, the inevitable search for answers becomes nothing more than an exercise in tinkering with decimal places.

Reconfiguring the Banking Sector for the Long Haul, Dynamics of Banking: Banks & Banking Survey 2010. November 2010 [Click to read Summary/Synopsis]

A synopsis of the key market imperatives that are actively shaping the ability of banks to navigate the new treacherous terrain of the financial sector. These are the five Cs – Competition, Capital, Cost Structure (Innovation), Creativity and the Catch-Up-Game. The banks that will emerge stronger – or in effect emerge at all – out of this crucible are the ones that will brew a cocktail of measures that is potent enough to counter the negative effects of these imperatives or enhance their positive aspects as the case may be.

A study of the critical success factors and drawbacks for Cross Border Investments: A case for the Banking Sector in Zimbabwe. August 2007 [Click to read Summary/Synopsis]

A report of the study of cross border investments by Zimbabwean banks in the context of the critical success factors and drawbacks that they encountered.