Staff uniforms are considered an important part of a financial institution’s brand. They serve many purposes, chief amongst which is providing uniformity amongst staff who all have different standards when it comes to dress sense. Uniforms are also a way of providing an identity, and are very useful at events where employees from many banks congregate, such as sports events. Uniforms also help to raise employees’ self-esteem, especially when they are well-designed and tailored in line with the latest fashion trends, as is the case with most contemporary uniforms. They are also thought to instill a sense of loyalty and discipline as no employee would want to be seen doing unseemly things while dressed in the company uniform. Uniforms are also one way of showcasing the bank’s corporate colours. Uniforms can be introduced at group level, fostering staff unity across all operating subsidiaries. In the past uniforms were largely for womenfolk, particularly those in front-office positions. To signify the increasing importance of ensuring that staff are properly dressed, nowadays, the menfolk are also not left out and can often be seen adorned in designer clothes which one would be surprised to discover are actually a uniform.

  1. POSB : February 2015

A Symbol of Possibilities: POSB introduced its new look in February 2015, saying it was “a testimony of our team spirit” and “the high standards of the POSB brand.” Accordingly, the country’s sole savings bank said the uniform should not be worn just as one would wear other ordinary pieces of clothing. “We wear the uniform of excellence with pride,” said the bank.  In his report accompanying the audited results for the year 2014, CEO Admore Kandlela saw it fit to mention something about the new look. “The bank successfully launched a new corporate wear in February 2015. The new uniform enhances a good corporate image by reflecting the Bank’s standards and confidence amongst staff members that will take the Bank to a higher level,” he said.

  1. CABS : December 2014
  2. CBZ Holdings : November 2014

Dressed for Success and Service! In November 2014, CBZ Holdings said it was introducing a “fresh new look” for its employees, “to go with our diversified service offering and excellent customer care.” Clearly, the bank sees staff uniforms as a complimentary accompaniment to its service offering, which is necessary to achieve excellent customer care.

  1. MBCA Bank Limited : September 2014

New Uniform, Better Service Delivery: In September 2014, MBCA Bank introduced new staff uniforms.  The bank saw this occasion not just as one to dress staff properly, but to ensure better service delivery. “At MBCA Bank, customer service is at the heart of all we do and exceeding customer expectations is an imperative to us. We are introducing a fresh new look for our staff and the look says that we take PRIDE in delivering customer service. That means we are Personally Responsible In Delivering Excellence.  Our team is professional, quick, courteous and highly knowledgeable of our products and services. Our team lives by five core values which are Respect, Accountability, Pushing beyond boundaries, Integrity and Being people-centred,” said the Zimbabwean franchise of the Nedbank Group.

  1. Agribank : April 2014
  2. FBC Holdings Limited : January 2013

New Look Sets the Standard: Uniforms can also be a way of setting standards not only in terms of corporate outlook but performance. In January 2013, FBC Holdings unveiled new uniforms for all its subsidiaries, boldly declaring that “Our new look sets the standard.”

  1. Barclays Bank: November 2012

New look for new century: The bank sees its longevity in Zimbabwe as partly anchored in the strength of its brand, a part of which is reflected by the uniforms of its staff. So when the bank launched uniforms for its staff in November 2012, it saw it fit to dub them “A new look for a new century.”