Welcome to the 48th edition of the MFSB. The MFSB  is a  monthly roundup of key Zimbabwean financial sector developments produced and distributed electronically to growing local and international audiences. It’s quest is  to  bring  data-driven insights to your decision-making processes by aggregating and distributing appropriate financial sector content for your convenience.

Four Years & Counting: We Are Ready For The Next Level Page 7
What Our Stakeholders Have To Say About the MFSB & WFSB Page 8
Life Is A  Juggling Act, So Choose What You Want! Page 11
Recent Events In Pictures Page 13
The Microfinance Interview: DPC Warns Against Unethical Lending Practices Page 14


MFSB Sport: FSSL Facts, Figures  and  League News Page 37
MFSB Sport: FSSL Preparations for Paynet Cup Gather Momentum Page 39